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thumbCare at home is so much easier to acquire now with home health care. Staying at home is possible with your health, dignity and privacy preserved.

Able Hands Home Health Care is able to develop a personalized care plan as well. With your unique health management needs being considered, you can be sure that your recovery plans will be achieved with the help of our staff.

More than this, you can enjoy the following health care services right where you live:

  • Skilled Nursing – is given to individuals with special nursing needs like wound dressing, IV injections, vital signs monitoring, CBS monitoring, reminder and administration of medications, diabetic care, and the like.
  • Home Health Aide – is the assistance provided to individuals in taking their medication, preparing their prescribed diet, changing bed sheets, going to the toilet, taking a bath, and other grooming needs.
  • Physical Therapy – especially designed for individuals experiencing bodily pain like backache, shoulder pain, sprains, strains, injury, and the like or as a cause or result of other illness. We help you ease the pain through physical therapy treatments with the goal to reduce your discomforts knowing that it affects your work, education, or your life in general more than you think.
  • Occupational Therapy – this is for the restoration and relearning of physical function of injured, or body parts which mobility are affected by illnesses or long term hospitalization. The treatment is conducted with skills reeducation, fall risk reduction and through other special exercises. This is also for teaching alternative or efficient ways to move around when someone loses or paralyzes certain body parts.
  • Speech Therapy – includes vocal exercises, pronunciation practices, and other necessary special training to overcome stuttering, lisping, hoarseness and other vocal, pitch or volume problems.
  • Medical Social Services – helping clients with hospitalization, foster care; personal, family, or couples counseling, and other medical assistance needs through access with community resources.
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